Paramount Studios

Elevated catering for weddings, corporate events, and more

Paramount Studios

5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038
Ceremony Capacity: Up to 2,000


What’s more Hollywood than Paramount Studios? With multiple locations to fit events of all sizes this is an iconic backdrop for corporate and social events. As the longest operating and only remaining major studio in Hollywood, Paramount Pictures has been on the ground floor of every major development in film–from the advent of motion pictures, to the emergence of television, through the digital revolution. During our 100-year history, they have served as the production site for thousands of notable movies and TV shows. If the Paramount lot locations make movies feel larger than life, just imagine what they can do for your event!

Their signature venues will add distinct flavor to your event that you won’t find anywhere else, while at the same time allowing complete creative freedom. On the historic 65 acre lot, you’ve got all the room you need for performers, elephants, ice rinks, lakes, explosions and up to 5,000 of your closest friends. Paramount’s studio lot has grown considerably over the years, expanding from 26 acres and four stages to 65 acres and thirty stages. They have also constructed other impressive sites like the massive Blue Sky Tank and our one-of-a-kind New York Street backlot, which features ten distinct city neighborhood backdrops. When you visit the lot, not only will you see where some of the most celebrated movies and television series were made, but also see how they continue to produce iconic motion pictures for the next century.

At Paramount, you will get to wander through the past and see the future at the same time.